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Guild Wars

For centuries, the people of Tyria have lived free of the Elder Dragons. Wars may rage, beasts may roam, but the Elder Dragons sleep peacefully beneath the earth. Until now, that is. The death of the fallen god Abaddon in 2075AE has awoken the dragons for the first time in millenia, heralding the destruction of all life on Tyria.

Following the defeat of the first Elder Dragon, Pact-Commander Garrett Beaumont set out to gather allies to his cause. Made up of accomplished individuals from across Tyria, Garrett's fledgeling coalition was the driving force behind the Pact's defeat of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. But the Maguuma Jungle was only the beginning. As the balance of magic in Tyria begins to shift, the remaining Elder Dragons are getting stronger. With the fate of their world hanging in the balance, Garrett and his allies must prove victorious - or die trying.

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