The Guardians of the Last City have a saying: 'The path to rebirth rarely runs smooth'. Not so for Loveless, who woke up on the shores of the Reef during a diplomatic visit by the Titan Vanguard. Having accompanied Zavala and the rest of the ambassadors back to the City, Loveless began training under his fellow Guardians. He showed early promise in dark matter and void manipulation, but failed to grasp the arc or solar subclasses even after several years of practise. Having been passed over by numerous fireteams for his percieved lack of skill, Loveless was eventually able to talk Maledict into letting him join his newly-formed squad. Reasonably skilled despite his inexperience, Loveless was nonetheless what some might call a "force of nature" - questioning orders, acting on his emotions, and taking risks that most seasoned Guardians would balk at.

Loveless was one of the responding Guardians during the Red Legion attack on the City. He and Gideon had infiltrated the Cabal command ship when they were cut off from the Traveler's light, whereupon Gideon chose to push Loveless to safety rather than risk them both being captured. Loveless subsequently joined the resistance on Titan, assisting a grieving Zavala and his vice-commander Sloane in monitoring Fallen activity on the station. Even though he was under strict orders to 'observe and report', Loveless frequently infiltrated the Solarium. It was here that he first came to the attention of Mithrax "the Forsaken", who had been scavenging Titan for supplies. Following Mal's return, Loveless joined the resistance despite his lack of Light. He and Nyx famously boarded Gaul's star-destroyer, the Almighty, and disabled its weapons system by manually destroying the on-ship coolant system, allowing the rest of the resistance to break the Cabal hold over the City.

Their actions during the Red War brought Nyx and Loveless to the attention of the Vanguard, and Loveless in particular grew to enjoy the company of the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6. Cayde's untimely death in the Prison of Elders hit Loveless particularly hard. Having nursed a crush on Cayde for years, he allowed his anger and jealousy towards Maledict to boil over. Loveless joined forces with the Spider, an eliksni information-broker working out of the Tangled Shore. With the assistance of Mithrax - now Kell of his own House - Loveless hunted down Cayde-6's killers from a list of eliksni warlords. However, his vengeance brought him little satisfaction. Loveless subsequently returned to the City, although his good name lay in tatters. He continues to work alongside Mithrax and House Light, and is a frequent visitor to the Gambit arena. Despite this, Loveless chose to assist the Vanguard in monitoring the threat posed by Drifter and the Shadows of Yor.

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Loveless' Ghost is always the first to point out the flaws in his plans, a trait commonly seen as "fussy". Perceptive and outspoken, Ghost is more risk-averse than some of his peers - which, with Loveless as his Guardian, is no mean feat!

Despite repeated offers, Ghost opted to keep his scuffed shell from the Red War. Much like his strange insistence on remaining nameless, Ghost's "scars" seem to be a particular point of pride.