Maya was one of several billion human citizens killed during the Collapse, in the Andhra Pradesh region of India. She subsequently returned to the Traveler's Light sporting a rare form of aphonia, which completely removes her ability to make sounds. Her Ghost adamantly denies any suggestions that they bought Maya back "incomplete", so it's likely this was a condition which affected her before her final death. A notoriously dedicated student, Maya served as one of Ikora Rey's Hidden spies for almost half a century, with a particular emphasis on the Taken. She was was part of a fireteam that fought Oryx, the Taken King, aboard the Hive Dreadnaught, and helped preserve many Taken artefacts for further study. Maya has always been fascinated with the process of Taking, and the transformative power of the Ascendant Realm. Her peripheral studies on the Hive led her to Maledict, who was busy avenging himself against them after the death of his friends. Maya helped Mal to accept his grief, and eventually left the Hidden in order to return to field duties alongside her new fireteam.

During the Red War, she was one of several warlocks who became trapped in the City archives during the Cabal invasion. As they worked to transmat what material they could, Maya made the controversial decision to destroy many of the more dangerous artefacts before the archives fell. The warlocks subsequently fled with whatever they could save, including preserved ahamkara bones, samples from Oryx's Taken realm, and several volumes of Osiris' proscribed writings. Maya proceeded to join Ikora on Io, where the pair worked to investigate Taken activity in an old warmind facility. Maya later returned to the City to rejoin her fireteam. There, they learned that their teammate Gideon was being held hostage by the Cabal. Using the assault on the City as a cover, Maya and human medic Izzy Nakajima successfully infiltrated a Red Legion prison vessel, recovering a handful of survivors ahead of the Traveler's return.

In the wake of the Red War, Maya helped rebuild several of the City's archives, and also coordinated the recovery of material from warlocks who had been "lost" whilst fleeing the Cabal. She remained loyal to Mal during this time, becoming privy to many of his struggles with the City Vanguard. For her part, Maya was dissatisfied with Ikora's refusal to allow official study of Riven, a Taken ahamkara who had been killed by Guardians following her impersonation of the lost Awoken queen, Mara Sov. Still, it's unlikely she would have investigated the Shadows of Yor were it not for Mal's interest in them. Believing his warnings about a mysterious threat from beyond the stars - and perhaps tantilized by what that threat may entail - Maya joined the Shadows alongside him, taking the name Dredgen Vaunt.

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Maya's Ghost, Kali, serves as both her companion and her translator. Having interacted with a wide range of citizenry, Kali is unusually outgoing even for a Ghost, and especially pperceptive when it comes to subtle social cues. However, some of the other Ghosts find her behaviour wearying.

Kali has a high, sweet voice, almost childlike. This, coupled with her constant exuberance, makes her seem more youthful than she actually is, though her resolve is definitely steelier than most.