Nuir was resurrected by her Ghost in the Andhra Pradesh region, with a rare form of aphonia which completely removes her ability to make sounds. Her Ghost adamantly denies any suggestions that she bought Maya back "incomplete", and no evidence exists to confirm whether or not this was a condition which affected her before her final death. Nonetheless, Nuir was a dedicated student and a loyal member of Ikora Rey's Hidden spies for almost half a century. Nuir has always been fascinated with the process of Taking, and the transformative power of the Ascendant Realm - her studies mostly involved preserving and analysing Taken artifacts. Though necessary, her work made her a controversial figure in the City, and she struggled to gain permission for active fieldwork. She joined Mal's fireteam as much as a means of furthering her research as anything else; although the two soon formed a strong affinity with each other, with Nuir acting as Mal's trusted lieutenant.

During the Red War, the City's warlocks made the controversial decision to destroy many of the more dangerous artifacts kept in the Tower archives before they fell. They subsequently fled with whatever they could save, including preserved ahamkara bones, samples from Oryx's Taken realm, cursed weapons, and several volumes of Osiris' proscribed writings - many of these were later "misplaced" in the chaos. Nuir proceeded to join Ikora on Io, where the pair worked to investigate Taken activity in an old warmind facility. She later returned to the City, where she assisted human field medic Yasin "Jaz" Mhasalkar in infiltrating a Red Legion prison vessel, recovering several Guardians who had been taken prisoner during the Red War.

Following their victory over the Legion, Nuir helped rebuild several of the City's archives and coordinated the recovery of whatever material she could. She remained loyal to Mal during this time, and witnessed his many struggles: first to prevent their fireteam from being split up by the City Vanguard, and then the twin betrayals of Loveless and Nyx-13 in the wake of the Prison of Elders. Nuir was personally dissatisfied with Ikora's staunch refusal to allow a study of Riven, the Taken ahamkara who had been killed by Guardians in the Dreaming City. By now believing that a greater danger lurked beyond the City's periphery, Mal and Nuir joined the Shadows of Yor, becoming Dredgen Lux and Dredgen Vaunt. They are currently investigating the Darkness' arrival in the Sol system. However, whereas Mal wishes to neutralize the danger posed by the Darkness, Nuir is intrigued by a mystery which seemingly ties into a lifetime of research.

Whilst some Guardians see themselves as a breed apart from Lightless civilians, Nuir's participation in grassroots outreach efforts have made her a part of their everyday lives. As Mal's loyal second-in-command she's a solid and comforting presence in their shared fireteam, but her years of proscribed study have made Noor capable of obfuscating the extent of her own power even from her closest allies. A natural humanitarian, Nuir is mild and nurturing towards the people of the City, a demographic which frequently includes traumatized refugees from across the EDZ. She is a dutiful soldier with a secret mischievous streak, who can be somewhat wayward when paired with somebody like Loveless or Gideon (the former encourages; the latter disapproves). Calm and confident, Nuir has a habit of achieving her goals simply by exterting patient, ruthless pressure; the immovable object to Mal's unstoppable force. She is capable of particular cunning in the pursuit of knowledge, which she values above all things.

Name: Unknown
Alias: Nuir
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Class: Warlock (Void)
Gender: Cis Female
Sexuality: Straight

Game: Destiny 2

Further Information

  • Nuir's's Ghost is called Kali. Chirpy and outgoing, she is unusually forward in communicating with other Guardians.
  • She is currently the owner of Thorn, the former weapon of Dredgen Yor.
  • As a warlock, she wields a powerful form of Void Light; pound-for-pound, she's probably the strongest member of her fireteam. Nuir's fighting style relies on flow and finesse, transitioning seamlessly between powers and weapons, as well as a sustained power capable of disintegrating anything in its path. Battle is a calm, unhurried affair, due to her ability to literally vaporize anything that gets too close.
  • Nuir speaks several now-defunct dialects of sign language, most notably British, Australian and New Zealand Sign Language (BANZSL) and Indo-Pakistani Sign Language (IPSL) - as well as the Deaf-community sign language created after the Collapse, which is still spoken in the Last City and surrounding settlements. She is interested by the way other races communicate in the absence of speech, and wrote her thesis on the use of Deaf-community sign language in Awoken culture.
  • Her ramen store order is yasai or fish soba, with vegetable tempura and an iced tea.

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