Nyx first game to prominence during the Battle of the Twilight Gap, known as the largest conflict in City history. Despite being newly-Risen at the time, Nyx was one of a handful of Guardians who held their position atop the wall when Saladin Forge gave orders to retreat. Comprised mostly of snipers and long-range gunners, this small group provided invaluable aerial support to Lord Shaxx's fireteam as they secured the wall against the Fallen. Nyx in particular was reported to have secured a kill count well into the hundreds, making them the perfect symbol of the City's ongoing resistance against the Fallen. Eschewing the traditional fireteam, Nyx spent much of their time scouting Fallen crews out in the wilds. Quiet and precise, their reputation was such that Captains would abandon a sector if they so much as suspected Nyx might be present. They briefly assisted the City during the SIVA crisis, although they were critical of the Vanguard's decision to rely on intel from eliksni deserters.

Nyx knew Maledict and his former fireteam via the legendary hunter, and fellow alumni of Twilight Gap, Noa Tauk. When the time came for Mal to make a new team, he sought out Nyx based on that connection. News that the "Hero of the Gap" had been lured back to the City spread quickly, although some felt that Nyx was far overqualified for a fireteam of mostly-outcasts and misfits. Among their staunchest supporters was Lord Shaxx, who issued a standing invitation for their "old friend" to attend the Crucible. When the Red Legion attacked the City, Nyx and Shaxx coordinated the evacuation of civilian support staff from the Tower. They subsequently led some forty people out through the City walls and into the EDZ, where they joined up with Suraya Hawthorne and the rest of the Resistance. Nyx remained in the EDZ until the battle to retake the City, where they and fellow hunter Loveless staged an audacious attack on Dominus Ghaul's star-destroyer, the Almighty.

In the wake of the Red War, the Vanguard received a distress signal from Mars which was later revealed to be from Anastasia Bray; another hero of Twilight Gap, who was presumed to have died during the final battle. Nyx was assigned to assist Bray on Mars, where the Hive worm god Xol was attempting to break into a warmind vault. Following Xol's defeat, Nyx was instructed to remain on Mars with Bray and the newly-awakened warmind. However, their relationship with Anastasia is contentious at best. With certain members of their fireteam apparently working alongside Fallen sympathizers, Nyx suspects that their indefinite reassignment is a precursor to the Vanguard working more closely with the eliksni. They've been relying on fellow "Kell-killer" Shiro-4 to fill them in on the current situation.

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Nyx's Ghost, Rime, rarely does anything without due consideration. A master of precise callouts on the battlefield, he has a wealth of experience that few other Ghosts can match. Loveless refers to him as slow, although deliberate is probably a better descriptor.

Rime is more prone to conversation than his taciturn Guardian, and often greets Guardians by name. Wryly humorous, he has an exceptionally pleasant voice.