Israfil Nahem

Israfil has gone through many names across his lifetime. His people were one of the eighty-six tribes reconditioned by Caesar's Legion, although they had been wiped from history long before Israfil was born; his mother named him "Walking Stone", as she birthed him in a Legion slave camp. His instructor named him "Secundus", one of the eight children he was tasked with turning into hardened warriors. Of Israfil's cohorts, only four survived to adulthood, whilst another would die three weeks into his first patrol. Israfil, by contrast, ascended easily through the ranks thanks to a calculating eye and cold sense of cunning - both skills that saw him become a frumentarii spy under the infamous Vulpes Inculta.

As frumentarus, Israfil learned to walk amongst the people of the Mojave - and, in doing so, grew to sympathize with them, enough to lie in his reports back to the Legion. When he was finally caught, Inculta recommended that Israfil be crucified overlooking the Legion encampment on the Colorado River. He was rescued by the Followers of the Apocalypse, who drove the Legion away and nursed Israfil back to health in the Old Mormon Fort. It was there that he discovered his final name: "Israfil". Having left the Followers' care, Israfil took a job couriering packages with the Mojave Express. He inadvertently delivered the nuclear codes which destroyed the Divide, and was also tasked with delivering the platinum chip to the New Vegas strip. For the latter, Israfil was ambushed and left for dead, buried in a shallow grave outside Goodsprings. He survived by the grace of the local doctor, but news of his miraculous resurrection soon filtered back to the Legion, putting the entire town in danger.

Israfil is a man in constant conflict with his own past, haunted by the knowledge that everything worthwhile about him belongs to a group that has brutalized the Mojave for decades. This fear only becomes more pronounced as his peaceful way of life is shattered in favor of dangerous side-quests and Legion hit-squads - not to mention a traumatic brain injury that occasionally forces him to slip into his "mother tongue", a mistake that could get him killed in the wrong company. Quiet and solemn, Israfil seems almost at odds with the Mojave's convivial attitude. Many people find his silent intensity to be somewhat unnerving, without really understanding that they're looking at the echoes of a frumentarii spy.

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