Having emerged from the Pale Tree during the Zhaitan's reign of terror over Tyria, Aesca's early life was defined largely by the ongoing reports of Elder Dragon activity throughout the Tarnished Coast. Even as a newborn he was obsessed with news from the front, and treated the returning Wardens and Wyld Hunt Valiants with something approaching awe. Ironically, both groups would later deem Aesca unfit for purpose - he needed a Wyld Hunt to serve with the Valiants, whilst the Wardens remained unconvinced by his abysmal combat scores. He ended up joining the Vigil instead, eventually settling into a back-line mechanical support role - a group somewhat derisively known as the Pact's "Engineering Corps".

When the Elder Dragon Mordremoth reappeared in the Tyria, Aesca was part of the Pact forces deployed to support the war effort in the Silverwastes. There, he came into contact with Pact-Commander Garrett Beaumont and his consortium of allies. By this point, Aesca was intimately familiar with the airships that made up the Pact fleet, and more than qualified to speak on their capabilities. Unfortunately, his recommendation not to deploy the fleet against Mordremoth was ignored by his superiors. Aesca was therefore aboard the Pact ship Evennia when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. Together with human guardian Raleigh Dryden and the rest of the survivors, Aesca sought shelter inside the forgotten city of Tarir, where he came into contact with Glint's "second scion", the dragon Aurene. Aurene later chose Raleigh and Aesca to be her custodians - a highly secretive role, which took them away from their friends and families back in Tyria, as well as their duties to their respective factions.

Despite this, it was Aesca's engineering skills that Garrett put to use in Elona; he needed someone capable of interpreting, and interfering with, the rogue god Balthazar's armory. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Balthazar to learn of Aesca's involvement - and of his connection to Aurene. Using Aesca as bait, he successfully drew Aurene to the Crystal Desert, resulting in Aesca's death at Balthazar's hand. Although Garrett and his allies eventually managed to free Aurene from Balthazar's war machine, Raleigh never forgave her for allowing Aesca to die. What he didn't realize was that Aesca had returned to Tyria mere hours after Balthazar's defeat, having passed through the Domain of the Lost. Aesca quickly reconnected with his allies, but the battle against Kralkatorrik has prevented him from finding Raleigh.

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