Until he met the Pact-Commander, Agrippa had never seen the inside of the Black Citadel. He was born in Atholma, an Olmakhan encampment in the Sandswept Isles. Raised by his mother and both his fathers, Agrippa showed early promise as a sandshifter - a type of elemental mage unique to the Olmakhan. The tribe traditionally eschewed outside influence, in part due to the risks posed by Palawa Joko's precense in nearby Elona. However, Agrippa had always been fascinated with the world beyond Atholma's borders. Patrolling with the rest of the Olmakhan gave him ample opportunity to explore, and he could often be found lingering at the Isles' southernmost edge. His parents' warnings did little to dissuade him, although concerns over his father's health kept Agrippa from leaving Atholma behind for good.

When the Pact-Commander arrive in Atholma seeking allies in the fight against Kralkatorrik, Agrippa was quick to volunteer his services - with his parents' blessing, of course. Though he had never met another charr from outside the Olmakhan, Agrippa was placed with the rest of the Alterum Warband largely to soothe Black Citadel's anxiety at having an "outsider" fighting alongside their own troops. Agrippa's innate knowledge of Elonian terrain proved a boon during the fight against the Elder Dragon, whilst his increasingly earnest support of his new allies convinced the clan Elders to lend their aid to Garrett's cause. Conversely, his attempts to mend the strife within his new Warband was met with mixed success - his willingness to step in between two warring charr, for example, was viewed by the rest of the Pact as either innocent foolhardiness or outright stupidity.

The Pact's initial assault against Kralkatorrik marked Agrippa's first experience with a large-scale engagement, and its abject failure left him uncharacteristically shaken. During this time, Agrippa received news that his father had passed away. He and Ghast Feldscour briefly returned to the Sandswept Isles, where Agrippa struggled with the realities of his choice to leave Atholma in the first place. Though he eventually rejoined Garrett for the final battle against Kralkatorrik, earning him a hero's welcome to Tyria, Agrippa's subsequent experiences in Black Citadel have been less-than-pleasant. His obvious uncertainty has only made him a target for Garrett's enemies, notably the charr Imperator, Bangar Ruinbringer.

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