Aquila Backbiter

Everyone in Black Citadel knew the identity of Aquila's sire: a veteran of the charr-human conflict, decorated soldier and potential candidate for the role of Khan-Ur, Aquila has spent his entire life trying to outrun his father's legacy. He was both the smallest and the fastest cub in the fahrar, more cunning than his peers by a country mile, although his reluctance to apply himself was the bane of many an instructor. During his time in Ash Legion, Aquila made a habit of disappearing - sometimes literally. His work took him to all corners of Tyria, exposing him to every race, culture, and creed the continent had to offer. Despite this, his refusal to take a warband continued to vex Black Citadel leadership - including Aquila's sire, whose reputation couldn't suffer a gladia for a son.

When the Pact-Commander announced his intention to build a multi-racial consortium of advisers, Aquila's sire made sure that he was first - and only - candidate for the role. One hastily-made bargain with the charr gladium Indus Lichbane soon put paid to his plans, although it came at the cost of Aquila's autonomy. Now part of Indus' warband, Aquila assisted the Pact in investigating growing Alliance activity throughout Tyria. The information he uncovered would prove invaluable during the battle against Scarlet Briar. Aquila was traveling aboard the Pact ship Veldrunner alongside Indus Lichbane and Valentine Vael, when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. As the fastest and most furtive member of the crew, he convinced Indus to let him strike out alone in search of help. Instead he found the survivors of the nearby Tahlkora wreck, already greatly diminished by the mordrem hordes. In direct disobedience of Indus' orders, a guilt-stricken Aquila instead chose to remain and protect the Tahlkora crew for the remainder of the conflict, saving their lives at the cost of his reputation.

Following the Maguuma Jungle, Aquila returned to Black Citadel to await court-marshal proceedings. He spent much of this time assisting in the recovery of the sylvari Rhianthus, whom he had met in the Tahlkora crash. Aquila was eventually cleared of all charges, though Indus was given the final say on his future in the warband. He subsequently accompanied Pact-Commander Garrett to Elona, where he liaised extensively with the Order of Shadows under the pretense of keeping Rhianthus from getting himself killed. Shortly after Balthazar's defeat, Indus was stripped of his post on charges of desertion. Leadership of the warband therefore fell to Aquila, much to his horror. Though they continue to fight alongside each other, Indus and Aquila's relationship is understandably strained.

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