Asha Bahadur

Asha was born in the Domain of Vabbi, in the heartlands of Palawa Joko's empire. As a child, she excelled in science and mathematics, and a nascent interest in astronomy eventually turned into a provisional offer to attend the Astralarium in Istan. Asha's talents reflected well upon her parents, particularly within Vabbi's competitive, upper-class society, and it didn't take long for word of her abilities to reach Palawa Joko's ears. To this day, Asha isn't sure whether it was Joko himself who demanded ownership of her, or whether her parents bargained her freedom in exchange for the Lich King's recognition. Either way, when the Awakened came for Asha it wasn't to escort her to Istan but to go north, where the rest of Palawa Joko's harem were housed.

Guarded by Awakened attendants and sealed from the outside, the harem "vault" was as much a prison as Elona's many work camps. Thankfully, Asha's stay was a short one. Using a combination of patience, cunning, and raw mechanical skill, she began siphoning supplies from under the noses of the Awakened, eventually constructing a series of explosives which she used to stage an audacious prison break. Asha wandered the Desolation for three days until she was finally found by a group of Akir Junundun rebels, who smuggled her across the border. News of her miraculous escape soon spread throughout the ranks, and she became emblematic of the Junundun's cause - to the extent that she was able to step into the organization's vacant power structure. Under her careful leadership, the Akir Junundun transformed from a chaotic collection of criminals into a competent and formidable guerrilla group.

The Pact-Commander's arrival in Elona signalled a new opportunity for Asha and the Junundun, and she dedicated a significant amount of resources to observing his movements. The capture of a strategic hostage, Sutek Rassan, also provided much-needed intel on Palawa Joko's fortresses, although Asha's lieutenants were discomforted by how quickly their usually dour commander warmed to the Vabbian priest. Garrett ended up aiding the Junundun's cause, and Asha and her rebels mounted an audacious attack on Joko's Gandara citadel - though they ran into difficulties due to Sutek's earlier, unforeseen betrayal. In the wake of the Lich-King's death, the Akir Junundun have been given a seat at Elona's political table. However, Asha's power base has suffered as a result of her actions. The Junundun leader is now viewed with suspicion not just by her political contemporaries, but by some of her own soldiers.

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