Dare Modus

As a child, Dare demonstrated a head for numbers that far surpassed that of even his more extraordinary asuran peers. Intellectually brilliant but physically sickly, he was pushed to join the College of Statics by his ambitious-yet-overcautious parents. He studied briefly under Statics Expert Pokka and her krewe, who were best known for designing the the V.O.E.D. device which was utilized by the Pact in Orr. However, it became quickly clear that Dare's heart wasn't in the Collegiate lifestyle. Irritated by his constant daydreaming - or perhaps sympathetic to an asura who preferred numbers over people - Pokka bluntly encouraged Dare to pursue his dreams, however pedestrian they may be. Following his graduation, Dare turned down a full-time tenured position in favor of a simple accountancy role with the Consortium. Quiet and nebbish, he was responsible for maintaining the Consortium's supposedly meticulous financial records; a part of their legal requirement to trade in Lion's Arch.

This all changed when Garrett Beaumont began mustering allies from across Tyria. Concerned that they may be missing out on a valuable money-making opportunity, the Consortium assigned one of their agents to the newly-minted Pact-Commander as a "sign of good faith". Dare just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time - or maybe it was his increasing unease regarding the Consortium's activities in Southsun Cove that sealed his fate. For whatever reason, Dare was one of several non-combatants aboard the Pact ship Tahlkora when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. Through a mixture of smarts, skill, and outrageous luck, Dare and his fellow survivors managed to not only pass through the jungle unscathed, but even mounted a desperate rescue mission to recover the sylvari Rhianthus and other individuals taken captive by the mordrem. Along with fellow asura Moto Mimi, Dare was one of the first members of the Pact to witness the effect of ley-line magic on the Elder Dragons.

In the wake of the Maguuma Jungle, Dare opted to accompany Garrett to Elona in search of the rogue god Balthazar. He helped facilitate the construction of Taimi and Mimi's ley-line detectors on behalf of the Consortium, and was an integral part of the attempt to recover Aurene from Balthazar. However, as the Consortium began to push into the newly-rediscovered Elona, Dare grew increasingly uncomfortable with its tactics - particularly the ability to "acquire" proprietary goods from the Elonians displaced by Kralkatorrik's magic. Dare's position is further complicated when the Consortium catches wind of his doubts and offers him a rare field promotion... with his own armed guard as part of the package.

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