Ghast Feldscour

Ghast was born in Invictius Castrum, a Flame Legion encampment within the Iron Marches. As the name suggested, Invictius prided itself remaining unconquered by the Black Citadel - a feat due, in part, to the ferocity of the Castrum's flame-wielding shaman caste. It was from this magical lineage that Ghast was conceived. Unfortunately, her bloodline afforded her little in the way of respect: women in Flame Legion were groomed for motherhood, and rarely allowed out of the Citadel of Flame. Even a skilled individual such as Ghast would one day be relegated to the role of brood-mother. Faced with a life of reproductive servitude, Ghast instead chose to defect alongside a handful of other women. However, the group was ill-prepared for life outside the Citadel. With no clear direction and limited means to survive in the wild, it wasn't long before they were picked up by an Iron Legion patrol.

It was during her captivity in Black Citadel that Ghast first came to the attention of charr gladium Indus Lichbane. Indus was investigating Molten Alliance activity in Diessa Plateau and, as such, had need of somebody who understood Flame Legion's inner workings. Though she had been reluctant to betray them, Ghast had long been uncomfortable with the direction the Flame Legion had taken under Geheron Baelfire's leadership. She agreed to assist Indus on one condition: that he would help her find a way to depose Geheron. Ghast subsequently assisted Pact-Commander Garrett and his allies during the fight against Scarlet Briar. She was part of the crew of the Pact ship Veldrunner when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. Though her magic proved invaluable in helping the survivors navigate the Tangled Depths, tensions between Ghast and the rest of the (mostly charr) group remained high.

In the wake of the Maguuma Jungle, Ghast began to question her decision to help the Black Citadel, particularly as her search for Baelfire had provided no tangible results. Her dilemma was further compounded by the discovery of the Olmakhan, a previously undiscovered charr tribe living in Sandswept Isles. Having spent her entire life rejecting the idea of bearing cubs, Ghast is appalled to discover that she longs for the Olmakhan's idyllic way of life - including their tradition of raising their own young. Fearing that she's "going soft", Ghast has thrown herself into her duties for the warband with uncompromising zeal. However, her ferocity risks alienating not just the Olmakhan themselves, but also the rest of her allies.

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