Since the day she emerged from the Pale Tree, Huperzia has always longed for a Wyld Hunt of her own. Though they were rarer amongst the sylvari, a Wyld Hunt brought not only a certain amount of prestige, but also a sense of certainty in one's fate. Instead, Huperzia had to forge her own path. She signed up with the Wardens soon after her awakening, dedicating herself to the sylvari's military peace-keeping force with a particularly single-minded zeal. Huperzia's assignment in Brisban Wildlands brought her into contact with several Wyld Hunt Valiants. Though she continued to serve with dignity and integrity, the reminder of her own missing Wyld Hunt was no doubt a factor in Huperzia's decision to enlist with the Vigi in Lion's Arch.

By the time she met Garrett Beaumont, Huperzia had already risen rapidly through the ranks of the Vigil; becoming first a sergeant, and then a lieutenant. A naturally talented leader, Huperzia also had an eye for strategy that had proved invaluable during the Pact's counter-offensive against Zhaitan. She was also fiercely loyal, a quality that the new Pact-Commander evidently valued when he took her on as his second-in-command. Huperzia was the driving force behind the defense against Scarlet Briar, and helped to coordinate the battle for Lion's Arch - though she was overruled on the Pact's initial, and ultimately ill-fated, foray into the Maguuma Jungle. When the Pact-Commander chose to abscond into the Maguuma in search of Marshal Trahearne, abandoning his duties in the process, Huperzia was left to manage something between a ground assault and a rescue mission. Her skill and tenacity during this time impressed her superiors, and earned her the respect of the Pact's rank-and-file troops, many of whom had grown disillusioned with Garrett's increasingly feckless attitude.

By the time Garrett disappeared into Elona in search of the rogue god Balthazar, Huperzia was commanding the Pact in all but name. As reports of the increasingly erratic behavior began to filter back to Tyria, Huperzia stubbornly blocked any attempt to remove the Pact-Commander from power. However, the revelation that Garrett had been hiding the dragon Aurene's existence not just from the Pact, but from his own Pact-Lieutenant, dealt a devastating blow to its credibility. With the rest of the Pact already moving to hand leadership over to a more reliable candidate, Huperzia finds herself caught in a rare moment of indecision. Does she maintain her belief in the man who had promoted her to his lieutenant? Or does she move to usurp his position, for the good of the organization she had pledged her loyalty to?

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