Indus Lichbane

Indus' sire was a gladia: a charr without a warband, temporarily or otherwise, who is afforded little respect or responsibility within the Black Citadel. Since he was a cub in the fahrar, Indus has carried the black mark of his father's disgraced status. Though he eventually rose through the ranks to become one of the fahrar's most highly-decorated graduates, none of his fahrar-mates would risk being seen in a warband with him. It wasn't until he started investigating strange activity in Diessa Plateau that Indus' warband started taking shape. Known colloquially as the "Alterum Warband", Indus' collection of misfits, criminals, and former gladia managed to uncover a wide-ranging Flame Legion plot in the region, heralding the beginning of Scarlet Briar's assault on Tyria.

With the Black Citadel finally taking note of his achievements, Indus was called in to recount his findings to Pact-Commander Garrett Beaumont. His refusal to turn over his investigation to the Pact angered his superiors, and amused the Pact-Commander. Indus and the rest of his warband worked alongside the rest of Garrett's allies to dismantle the Molten Alliance facilities, and later assisted in the Pact assault on Scarlet Briar's forces in Lion's Arch. His ability to lead from the front, not to mention his grace and tenacity under pressure, was commended by Black Citadel, signalling the start of the charr's partnership with the Pact. Indus was aboard the Pact ship Veldrunner when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. The subsequent siege marked the first real test of Indus' leadership skills, and he was able to keep the majority of the survivors alive until their rescue. However, an injury at the hands of the mordrem kept him from confronting the Elder Dragon alongside his fellow allies.

Though he recieved a hero's welcome in Black Citadel, Indus' inability to participate in the final battle weighed heavily on his conscience - especially when others, such as the human mesmer Valentine Vael, had fought the dragon despite their wounds. He jumped at the chance to accompany Garrett into Elona, even though it meant leaving part of his warband behind. Indus was present during Balthazar's attack on Malaki Outpost, but was unable to prevent the god from murdering Inej Maraas and his Akir Junundun soldiers. Now facing his second defeat in as many weeks, Indus abandoned his post and walked into the desert to die. There, he received a series of visions of the legendary charr hero Kalla Scorchrazor. Though he returned in time to turn the tide of battle against Balthazar, Indus' willingness to walk away from his allies was seen as the act of a frightened gladium rather than a decorated soldier. He was subsequently stripped of his rank, with leadership of the warband passing to his second-in-command, Aquila.

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