Inej Maraas

Born and raised in one of the many prison camps lining the Elon River, Inej was all-too-familiar with the tyranny of Palawa Joko's rule. He grew up in one of the many labor camps along the newly-fertile land alongside the redirected Elon River; along with a dozen other prisoners, Inej and his parents harvested yuca and sorghum wheat to be exported across the Bone Wall. His family worked hard to shield him from the worst of Joko's cruelty, instead emphasizing the value of empathy and patience. Despite this, Inej eventually defected to join the Akir Junundun. The group had long been a thorn in Palawa Joko's side; though Junundun rebels were rumoured to be behind a series of violent attacks on Loyalist camps, their organization was so chaotic that even civilian settlements were routinely targeted. Inej's humble roots and no-nonsense kindness proved especially popular amongst the citizenry, and it came as no surprise when Asha Bahadur chose him to be her second-in-command.

As Asha's right hand, Inej served as the Pact-Commander's escort during his initial foray into Elona. Though he had been instructed not to involve the Junundun in another pointless war, Inej elected to try and prevent a Forged attack on Makali Outpost. Whilst Garrett and his allies engaged Balthazar's forces on the flatlands, Inej led his men around for an ambush. Instead, they met a violent end at the hand of the rogue god himself. Whilst the Junundun reeled from the loss of their moral compass, Inej's spirit passed into the Mists, where he encountered another victim of the recent battle: Glint's first scion, the dragon Vlast. Three days after his demise, Inej awoke in a Junundun safehouse. He had returned to Tyria with Vlast's help, becoming a willing vessel for the dragon's spirit. With Vlast's need for vengeance burning in his mind, the newly-resurrected Inej lent his blade to the Pact-Commander's cause.

Inej's expertise proved invaluable in finding and defeating Balthazar, but as the dust settled it became apparent that the real battle was just beginning. As a newly-empowered Kralkatorrik laid siege to vast parts of the Crystal Desert, the lich king Palawa Joko began to gather his forces in the south. A string of rash decisions by the Pact-Commander managed to undo everything the Junundun had worked to achieve, putting the people of Elona at greater risk. Now, many look to Inej and the Junundun to save them from Kralkatorrik's rampage. But as his allies debate the future of the desert, Inej is struggling to manage so many competing loyalties. Meanwhile, Vlast remains an aggressive, alien presence inside his head.

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