Ever since they emerged from the Pale Tree together, Lanchiere and Lonicea were inseparable - 'like two peas in a pod' was a phrase employed regularly, by those old enough to recognize the signs. As saplings they had a reputation for light-hearted mischief in Caledon Forest and the surrounding area, almost always at Lonicea's behest. Quiet and introverted, Lanchiere relied on Lonicea's natural gregariousness to draw him out of his shell. It was Lonicea who introduced Lanchiere to a sylvari from beyond the Grove, both of them unaware that he was a member of the Nightmare Court. Lanchiere's fascination with the Court would eventually see him exiled from the Grove, destroying his relationship with Lonicea in the process.

Lanchiere would eventually lose his standing in the Nightmare Court, due to his opposition of their involvement with Scarlet Briar. By the time Briar unleashed her clockwork marionettes on Tyria, Lanchiere was awaiting execution in a Lionguard prison in Fort Marriner. He was rescued by Lonicea, who petitioned Pact-Commander Garrett to buy Lanchiere's billet. Formally sworn into Garrett's service, Lanchiere proved a grudging source of information on the Toxic Alliance, and provided essential support during the evacuation of Lion's Arch, returning for survivors even after the spore cloud miasma became too thick for other sylvari to tolerate. He would repeat this feat during the failed Maguuma assault, deploying repeatedly in search of Pact survivors - among them his old friend Lonicea, who had fallen to Mordremoth's influence. Lanchiere risked his life to engage Lonicea during the final battle, and would likely have died had the Elder Dragon's demise not broken the geas upon them.

In the wake of the Maguuma Jungle, Garrett fought hard for the right to take "his" prisoner to Elona despite renewed suspicion over Lanchiere's motives. Lanchiere was tasked with protecting Yumiko Ren and the rest of the Krytan delegation in the Free City of Amnoon, a role which saw significant reprisals from Palawa Joko's Awakened. Lanchiere's stay in Elona would prove short-lived, however. Shortly after Kralkatorrik's return to Tyria, Lanchiere was arrested and brought back to Tyria on suspicion of being a Nightmare Court spy. With a mountain of evidence against him, Lanchiere must rely on an ever-dwindling circle of allies to clear his name - and determine the identity of his accuser.

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