As a sapling, Lonicea was the gregarious and outgoing foil to her taciturn podmate, Lanchiere. Barely a day seemed to go by without Lonicea dragging Lanchiere into some new scheme: impromptu lunch with travelers from Lion's Arch, an afternoon spent bothering the tengu guards outside Dominion of the Winds, or a trip to see the Lionguard in Bay Haven. Whereas Lanchiere would be quite content with only his hounds and his books, Lonicea was never happier than when she was making a new acquaintance - something she did as regularly as possible. It was Lonicea who inadvertently introduced Lanchiere to a sylvari from beyond the Grove, unaware that they were part of the Nightmare Court. When his decision to join the Court resulted in Lanchiere's banishment, Lonicea naturally blamed herself. She chose to join the Soundless, a group of sylvari who had cut themselves off from the Pale Tree.

Lonicea remained a dedicated student of the Soundless' teachings; although her tendency to self-isolate was seen as unusual, even by Soundless standards. Spending most of her time in the wilds around Ventry Bay, Lonicea was one of the first to notice large numbers of Nightmare Court defecting to join Scarlet Briar's toxic alliance. She brought her findings before the Pact, earning the Pact-Commander's attention in the process. When she learned that Lanchiere was being held in a Lion's Arch prison, Lonicea was able to trade on her loyalty to the Garrett's cause to petition for Lanchiere's release. Despite this, the two maintained a wary distance. Lonicea was aboard the Pact ship Zenmai when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. Due to her Soundless status, she proved more receptive to Mordremoth's whispers than most, and served him faithfully throughout the Maguuma offensive.

Following Mordremoth's death, a horrified Lonicea attempted to reconcile the things she had done under his control - including almost killing Lanchiere, who had been attempting to snap her out of Mordremoth's geas when the Elder Dragon fell. Unfortunately, their status as "dragon minions" made sylvari particularly useful to both the Pact and its Commander, and Garrett fairly insisted that Lonicea join him in his hunt for Balthazar in Elona. During this time, Lonicea was able to repair her relationship with Lanchiere; however, the accusation that he had been working as Nightmare Court spy shattered any progress they might have made. Heartbroken, Lonicea subsequently left to assist the norn Yngvi in his hunt for Jormag.

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