Moto Mimi

Mimi's professors always used to say that ambition would be her downfall - either her own, or somebody else's. Brilliant but bombastic, her work was cutting-edge even by College of Dynamics standards; her inventions were well-known for being as explosive they were experimental. Though undeniably smart, Mimi's recklessness sat poorly with some of her professors, many of whom had been on the receiving end of her less-than-stellar attitude. After one such incident of "outrageous insubordination" towards a superior, a disgruntled Mimi found herself talking to a passing Inquest recruiter. It wasn't long before she dropped out of the College and joined the Inquest full-time. Mimi's specialty was, and continued to be, experimental science - whether that involved creating new weapons for the Inquest to use against fellow asura, or performing "research" on captive sylvari and skritt prisoners. By the time an unrepentant Mimi was finally apprehended by Peacekeeper forces in Metrica Province, she'd racked up quite the list of crimes against Tyria and its people.

When the Pact-Commander came to Rata Sum seeking allies in the fight against the Elder Dragons, he quickly found himself stymied by bureaucratic red tape, College politics, and the traditional asuran attitude towards helping outsiders. The Pact needed somebody capable of studying the effects of ambient magic on Elder Dragon corruption, but few asura were willing to take on the task. Luckily, an ex-Inquest scientist had no such compunctions - and her billet was easily purchased using Pact funds. Mimi was aboard the Pact ship Tahlkora when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. Thrown together with her fellow survivors, Mimi proved a capable, if somewhat difficult ally. She famously opposed the plan to rescue the Tahlkora's missing crew members, and the group risked mutiny before Mimi realized she could use the mission into Mordremoth's inner sanctum to study his magic in more depth.

In the wake of the Maguuma, Mimi has become one of the prime experts in ley-line energy - although she's still playing second fiddle to prodigy asura and Pact darling Taimi, something which infuriates her on a daily basis. She was baited into assisting the Pact-Commander in Elona primarily out of a desire to prove her theories correct regarding a potential third Elder Dragon awakening. Mimi has demonstrated a staggering lack of concern for the people of Elona who were displaced by Kralkatorrik's magic. Despite this, she has demonstrated a willingness to protect certain members of Garrett's consortium. She insists this is out of mere practicality considering her situation, and not something as pedestrian as sentiment.

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