Rhianthus never wanted his Wyld Hunt. Generally considered a rare honor amongst sylvari, a Wyld Hunt is a personal calling which places some strange compulsion on its bearer's soul. It was a compulsion that Rhianthus wanted no part of. Surly and stubborn even as a sapling, he only became moreso under the judgemental eyes of his peers; many of whom knew of his Wyld Hunt, even if they didn't know the exact nature of it. Rhianthus began spending increasing amounts of time away from the Grove, seeming to favour Tyria's large, chaotic cities over its small and peaceful groves. It's likely Rhianthus would have segued into a life of crime, or at least mercenary work, had the Consortium not taken note of his skills. As one of Tyria's largest trading entities, the Consortium was regularly hiring guards to protect shipments on the docks. Rhianthus had already proven himself capable in a brawl, and he seemed to have no compunction about leaving the Grove - and his Wyld Hunt - behind.

It was during Scarlet Briar's attack on Lion's Arch that Rhianthus first came to the Pact-Commander's attention. Tasked with protecting the Consortium's merchandise, Rhianthus was inadvertently drawn into the Bane Warband's attempts to evacuate Fort Mariner. Having joined the final battle against Scarlet Briar, Rhianthus was aboard the Pact ship Tahlkora when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. Along with the rest of the Bane warband, he attempted to protect the survivors from the mordrem hordes. Unfortunately, Rhianthus proved particularly susceptible to Mordremoth's control. Though he eventually managed to break Mordremoth's grasp on him long enough to assist in the final battle, Rhianthus was gravely wounded, losing his left leg and part of an arm in the process.

In the wake of the Maguuma Jungle, Rhianthus was brought back to Black Citadel by the Bane warband, where he underwent a series of painful prosthetic grafts. As he attempted to come to terms with his new body, he spent increasing amounts of time in Black Citadel's subterranean fight clubs. Rhianthus insisted that Garrett take him to Elona, intent on proving himself to his allies once more. However, his aggressive refusal to accept his new limitations placed huge strain not just on his own body, but also his relationship with the rest of his warband. Kralkatorrik's return brought back unpleasant memories of his time in the Maguuma, and also unearthed a deeply-held secret - namely, the nature of Rhianthus' long-ignored Wyld Hunt.

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