As a sapling, some claimed that Sinaica's talent for healing was so thorough that she could bring patients back from the dead. Unlike some of the other menders in the Grove, Sinaica had a reputation for taking on any patient, no matter their background. She was one of several healers brought in to treat the Pact-Commander's injuries following his victory against Zhaitan, and remained in Garrett's orbit during the latter's search for the sylvari Scarlet Briar. Despite her inexperience, Sinaica managed to provide essential aid to evacuees during the battle for Lion's Arch. Her inexperience kept her mostly off the front lines - although, when she was forced to defend herself, the results were said to be "frightening".

Sinaica was aboard the Pact ship Margrid when the entire fleet was downed over the Maguuma Jungle, stranding her alongside a dozen other non-combatant support roles: healers, researchers, quartermasters. As they struggled to mount a defense against the advancing mordrem, the group began to fall victim to the hazards of Mordremoth's domain. It was Sinaica who volunteered to scout ahead in search of help, perhaps hoping to find other Pact survivors in the nearby wreckage. Little did Sinaica know that the Elder Dragon was guiding her every move. Instead of joining the Pact forces in Verdant Brink, she inadvertently wandered deeper into the dragon's domain. Sinaica managed to resist Mordremoth's influence, but only barely; meanwhile, her increasingly paranoid daze prevented her from remembering her initial reason for being there. Many of Sinaica's fellow survivors fell in her absence, a fact that would trouble her long after the Elder Dragon's death.

In the wake of the Maguuma, Sinaica threw herself into caring for those injured during the offensive. Secretly, however, she was haunted by the memory of the violence she had committed whilst traversing the jungle. Though she initially agreed to join Garrett in Elona as a healer only, it wasn't long before Sinaica was drawn into the conflict against Palawa Joko - as a necromancer, she was uniquely placed to understand his particular brand of magic. In the wake of Joko's death, Sinaica seems to have taken up the mantle of caring for the Awakened left leaderless in his absence. However, her insistence on caring for others first has largely prevented Sinaica from dealing with the trauma she suffered at Mordremoth's hands.

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