Sutek Rassan

Sutek was born in the Village of Purity, a humble settlement clinging to the very edge of Palawa Joko's domain, the last stop before the Bone Wall and a point of egress for those fleeing Joko's violence. Emerging from a childhood marked by poverty and abuse, Sutek discovered a skill for both elemental magic and petty theft. He became a familiar sight in the Awakened garrison, where his criminal actions eventually earned him an audience with Palawa Joko himself. Though he was well within his rights to have the boy killed and reanimated, a patently amused Joko instead decreed that Sutek be taken to Vabbi, where his talents could be put to better use. Sutek studied at the Vehtendi Academy, a lavish school that had served to indoctrinate generations of Vabbians, before joining the priesthood. Though he was ill-suited amongst the Necropolis' Vabbian-born necromancers, Sutek's loyalty to Joko was never in question. Plucked from the dirt by Joko's hand, Sutek saw him as benevolent father figure.

When the Junundun rebels began staging increasingly bold raids in the north of the region, Grand Vizier Utimishi was keen to minimize the Awakened losses. He began sending priests to quell civilian unrest throughout the border kingdoms, and it was on one such mission that Sutek fell into the hands of the Akir Junundun. Sutek's time with the Junundun proved highly educational. His impression of the world beyond the Bone Wall had been of a lawless and heretical frontier, so it came as a surprise to discover that the rest of Elona was functioning perfectly well in Joko's absence, its people not just living, but thriving. Despite being the Junundun's prisoner, Sutek spent his time with them enjoying the company of its clever, competent commander, Asha Bahadur - to the visible consternation of her Junundun allies.

Within weeks of Balthazar's defeat, a newly revitalized Joko was able to get word to Sutek via his network of spies. As the Junundun plotted to assault Joko's Gandaran fortress, Sutek carefully fed information back to the Lich King. Though he eventually confessed his deception, it wasn't enough to undo the damage he had caused - the failed assault led to countless deaths, and its leadership almost capitulated in Joko's hands. Sutek's actions earned him the scorn of virtually every faction in Elona; the Sunspears, the Junundun, and the Free Awakened saw him as little more than a craven opportunist, whilst the remaining Loyalists were keenly aware of Sutek's role in Joko's death. With nowhere else to go, Sutek officially remains a prisoner of the Junundun. Now a political bargaining chip, his future remains in the balance.

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