Thiazi Stonetusk

As far as Thiazi knows, her life began when the ogres of Agrak Kraal found a norn baby abandoned just outside of Castor Gullet. With no obvious signs of life nearby, and the kraal on temporary lockdown due to a recent spate of Branded attacks, the decision was made to take the child in until a suitable solution could be found. Naturally, the ogres ended up adopting Thiazi as one of their own. Raised within the kraal's walls, Thiazi learned how to fight, how to survive and, most importantly, how to tame the hostile wildlife of Blazeridge Steppes. Her skill at all three was so great that many ogres could temporarily forget that she wasn't one of them; the tribe's relative seclusion ensured that news of Thiazi's existence didn't make it any further than the few charr patrols who happened to pass by the kraal's gates.

When the tribe received word that the Pact-Commander was mounting an assault against the Elder Dragons, Thiazi volunteered to travel to Black Citadel to speak regarding Kralkatorrik's influence over the region. Rarely impressed by the world of men, Thiazi was sufficiently confident in Garrett's abilities that she agreed to join his growing consortium of allies. Thiazi was aboard the Pact ship Veldrunner when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. Despite this, she remained remarkably unphased by the Elder Dragon's domain. Alongside fellow survivors Indus Lichbane and Valentine Vael, Thiazi assisted their group in fighting their way through the hostile jungle. Some reports even say that it was Thiazi who struck the decisive blow against Mordremoth, although most attribute this feat to the Pact-Commander himself.

In the wake of the Maguuma Jungle, Thiazi found herself at odds with the trauma of many of the survivors. "Battle-shock" was a phenomena she had seen once or twice in the kraal, but it had been almost exclusively the domain of healers. Discomforted by what she saw as a fundamental weakness - either in herself, or her new allies - Thiazi threw herself into the hunt for Kralkatorrik with renewed determination. However, the dragon's persecution of the Elonian people, particularly the ogres of Lommuld Kraal, proved particularly difficult for Thiazi to deal with. Though she considered her work alongside Garrett finished with Kralkatorrik's defeat, in the wake of the Elder Dragon's death Thiazi has been struggling to settle back into her old life within the kraal, and soon finds herself missing her new allies.

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