Tiberius Brandspine

As a cub in the fahrar, Tiberius' primus used to say that his biggest talent was being utterly unremarkable. Though he demonstrated competence in a range of disciplines - combat, spycraft, smithing - it was never enough to distinguish him from his peers. In Tiberius' young mind, however, not doing badly at anything was the same as doing well at something, and he became overconfident almost to the point of arrogance. Under the name Tiberius Soulbrand, he was on patrol with the rest of the Soul warband when they were ambushed by the newly-awakened Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. As the beast flew overhead, a terrified Tiberius attempted to put down his weapons and flee. He subsequently caught the edge of Kralkatorrik's breath, saving him from being fully Branded. However, when he witnessed Almorra Soulkeeper destroying the rest of their Branded companions, Tiberius became afraid of meeting the same fate. He subsequently fled into the newly-created Brand, with most assuming he had been killed in the massacre.

It would be many years until news of Tiberius' survival reached Black Citadel. During this time he lived in seclusion, quietly thinning the Branded hordes whilst avoiding the attention of nearby charr patrols. He was among the first to notice Kralkatorrik's increased activity in the region following Balthazar's death in Elona. Tiberius eventually made himself known to the Pact-Commander and his allies, lending his expertise to the war effort - not to mention his unique connection to the Elder Dragon themselves. His experience with the Branded would prove invaluable in stemming the tide of Kralkatorrik's destruction, however, not everybody was impressed by his miraculous return from the dead - Almorra Soulkeeper was less than thrilled to discover her former comrade alive and well, whilst Black Citadel continued to campaign for Tiberius' arrest long after the Elona offensive.

Following Kralkatorrik's defeat, Tiberius has been granted a measure of peace from the whispers that plagued him for years. With his own personal calling over and done with, Tiberius has been overseeing the clean-up efforts in Elona, whilst tentatively trying to make amends with Black Citadel. However, it's becoming rapidly apparent that the Brand is having a debilitating effect on his health - he may not have much time left before it permanently disables him, or worse. Tiberius knows his freedom is based on his ability to contribute to the war effort. For the time being, therefore, he has chosen to conceal his situation from his allies.

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