Valentine Vael

Nobody had heard of Valentine before he turned up in Divinity's Reach, one of the many employees in the traveling Carnival Gambadé. At various points, Valentine has claimed to be the son of Krytan nobles, the descendant of Orrian refugees, the heir to some nebulous fortune, and the sole witness to a terrible crime, claims lent credence by his sudden proximity to the Pact-Commander's inner circle. In reality, Valentine is probably more or less exactly what he looks like: a gifted illusionist who informed on the Carnival's villainous ringmaster and, in doing so, earned Garrett's grudging respect.

Valentine's skills proved invaluable in the fight against Scarlet Briar, allowing Pact troops to control and contain the spread of magic in Kessex Hills. Patrolled by Briar's krait allies, the so-called "Tower of Nightmares" served as the epicentre of a vast hallucinogenic spore-cloud which resisted all but the strongest magic. Whilst Garrett and his allies engaged Briar in Lion's Arch, Valentine and the other Pact mesmers coordinated a successful assault on the Tower's warden, Ensolyss. Valentine was still supervising the clean-up efforts when the Pact marched on the Maguuma Jungle. Having been stranded in the dragon's domain after their ship, the Pact vessel Veldrunner, was knocked out of the sky, Valentine attempted to keep the survivors alive alongside charr warband leader Indus Lichbane. However, his exhaustion proved increasingly susceptible to the Elder Dragon's malevolent whispering. Mordremoth's death brought Valentine little satisfaction, and he left the Maguuma a pale shadow of his former self.

Since then Valentine has been dealing with the wounds left by Mordremoth, both mental and physical. As the rest of his allies follow Garrett into Elona, Valentine has taken on a new role as the Reach's diplomatic attaché in the charr capital of Black Citadel. Unfortunately, his stay has proven to be a lonely one; the charr regard any overtures from the Kryta with wariness, whilst Separatist ideologues continue to make threats on Valentine's life. To make matters worse, Indus and the rest of the Bane warband are needed elsewhere - leaving Valentine under the supervision of his lieutenant, Aquila, and the other wounded veterans of the Maguuma offensive. Once the empathetic heart of Garrett's fledgeling coalition, an increasingly isolated Valentine has been benched in Black Citadel for the duration of his recovery.

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