Yngvi Iceforged

As a child growing up in Hoelbrak, Yngvi idolized the Wolfborn. Founded by Knut Whitebear's sons, the noble order of brawlers-turned-soldiers have been protecting Hoelbrak for as long as most people can remember. Joining the Wolfborn can be a notoriously difficult process, and Yngvi spent much of his teen years cultivating the skills and connections necessary to make the cut. His efforts paid off when one of the existing Wolfborn vouched for his inclusion into their ranks, and for many years Yngvi served Hoelbrak with distinction. However, after an incident which left a suspect dead at Yngvi's hands, Knut Whitebear expelled him from the city. Bitter and isolated, it wasn't long before Yngvi fell in with the Sons of Svanir.

Yngvi served the Svanir with as much dedication as he had shown the Wolfborn, racking up an impressive list of crimes against his fellow norn. He was soon chosen for the "honor" of recieving Jormag's blessing, a ritual that would have permanently altered him into one of the icebrood. At the last moment, however, Yngvi defied the Elder Dragon's control, and was summarily attacked by his former brothers. Left for dead out in the wilds of Bjora Marches, he was eventually discovered by a detachment of Vigil soldiers and returned to Hoelbrak, to face judgement. It was here that Yngvi met the Pact-Commander. Intent on thumbing his nose at Knut Whitebear, Garrett insisted on purchasing Yngvi's billet for the Pact war effort.

Yngvi assisted extensively with the Pact's evacuation of Lion's Arch, although few norn would consent to follow him due to his well-known Svanir affiliation. He was aboard the Pact ship Zenmai when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle, and his ruthless pragmatism no doubt ensured the survival of his fellow survivors - though he seemed strangely reluctant to retaliate against the sylvari Lonicea, who had been turned by Mordremoth's influence. In the wake of the Maguuma, Yngvi began to focus on the reports of increased Svanir activity throughout the Shiverpeak Mountains. He believed that the Elder Dragon Jormag was gathering strength in the north, taking advantage of the distraction presented by Kralkatorrik in Elona. Following a series of strange and unsettling visions, Yngvi quietly slipped the Pact's leash and departed for the Bjora Marches, with the sylvari Lonicea in tow. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

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