Yrsa Engstrom

Yrsa was born on an isolated smallholding in Wayfarer Foothills, the only daughter of humble dolyak farmers. From these inauspicious beginnings, she would go on to become one of the most promising heroes of her age. During her Great Hunt, Yrsa famously defeated the giant wurm Issormir at Snowlord's Gate - a feat unmatched by any of her peers. She was particularly renowned for her persecution of the Sons of Svanir, which earned acclaim both at home and abroad; she was instrumental in purging Honor of the Waves on behalf of the kodan, reportedly defeating both Hirvela the Lost and Lani Winterfist in single combat. Yrsa's actions earned the respect of her allies, but the things she saw during her fight against Jormag would continue to haunt her. Following her victory at Honor of the Waves, she went into seclusion on Sorrow's Eclipse, where she remained for several years.

Yrsa was eventually tempted out of hiding by news of the Pact-Commander's visit to Hoelbrak, which had attracted attention from all corners of the Shiverpeaks - including the Svanir themselves. Though she was initially resistant to the idea of joining yet another war effort, especially one involving an Elder Dragon, Garrett's apparent willingness to confer with ex-Svanir Yngvi Iceforged put Yrsa in an impossible position. Her expertise proved invaluable during the failed assault on the Maguuma Jungle; along with a group of Pact soldiers, Yrsa more or less spearheaded the recovery efforts in the Pact-Commander's absence. However, the experience did little to convince her of Garrett's fitness to lead.

In the wake of the Maguuma, Yrsa has continued to monitor the Pact's internal politics with increasing concern. She returned briefly to Sorrow's Eclipse at Garrett's behest, and was able to witness first-hand the increased Icebrood presence in Bitterfrost Frontier. Unfortunately, her warnings arrived too late. Upon entering Bjora Marches, Garrett and his allies discovered Jormag's forces already strengthening their hold across the region. A lifetime spent losing her friends to the Elder Dragon's minions - not to mention the carnage awaiting them at Jora's Keep - has only strengthened Yrsa's conviction that the Pact is gambling the lives of its soldiers on a fight that it cannot win. Whilst the Pact-Commander prepares to engage Jormag directly, Yrsa is actively working to cut him off at the pass, and save the people she loves.

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