Yumiko Ren

The only daughter of Krytan-born Canthan Ministers, Yumiko had a charmed upbringing and the weight of her family's legacy resting heavy on her shoulders. She grew up wandering the halls of the Royal Palace, rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential people in Kryta. Her career in diplomacy seemed almost inevitable, and it was expected that she would one day inherit her parents' position. Though outwardly she continued to fulfil her role as dutiful daughter, Yumiko began secretly visiting the Reach's field hospitals. Her studies of the Risen corruption on Pact troops soon consumed Yumiko's waking hours, and when Garrett Beaumont went in front of the Ministry to ask for their support in the ongoing war, Yumiko audaciously pledged her family's endorsement, not to mention her own skills as a diplomatic ambassador, in exchange for a place at the Pact-Commander's side.

Whilst Garrett and the rest of his allies contended with Scarlet Briar's machinations, Yumiko's became a regular visitor in Pact headquarters, where her unsubtle interest in Elder Dragon magic soon attracted the attention of Pact-Marshal Trahearne. Yumiko and her fellow Priory scholars were amongst those traveling aboard the Pact ship Hayda, when it was downed over the Maguuma Jungle. She could only watch in horror as her allies were taken captive by Mordremoth's minions - including her friend and mentor, Trahearne. Yumiko was the first to realize that Mordremoth had absorbed Zhaitan's magic, however, by the time the group infiltrated Mordremoth's inner sanctum the survivors were already in the process of being "repurposed". Pact-Marshal Trahearne sacrificed himself in order to break the dragon's control. Yumiko attempted to resurrect him, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Yumiko returned to her parents' home in Divinity's Reach, where she once more applied herself to her Ministerial duties. During this time, her contact with her former allies recovered dwindled to nothing. Despite this, Garrett was able to convince Yumiko to accompany him into Elona under the pretense of a diplomatic mission. Garrett proceeded to join with the Akir Junundun, a rogue militia group, leaving his ambassador to field pointed questions regarding the Pact's purpose in the region. Garrett's assassination of the Elonian regent unleashed untold misery on its people, and destroyed Yumiko's standing among both the Loyalists and the Junundun separatists. With her reputation in tatters, Yumiko has been left with the unenviable task of trying to repair Kryta's standing amidst the ongoing reunification talks.

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