Eadric Dijkstra

Dijkstra had always been something of a mystery, even before he appeared in the Dyrwood with the apparent ability to talk to souls. Sullen and secretive, with what Edér once described as "a real aversion to just tellin' folks the truth", Dijkstra's early life, his motives, and even his nationality remain shrouded in mystery. The truth, then: Eadric Dijkstra was born Elishua Esau-Diklah in the Divine Kingdom of Readceras, an ecclesiastical nation with a habit of raising so-called "Saints". His parents were devout Eothasians, who were either disinterested in their son's well-being or actively hostile towards it. Dijkstra learned to fend for himself from a young age, but during the Saint's War he made the majority of his income "nighthawking" - picking through the bodies that had been abandoned on battlefields, and fencing anything of value. When his father was killed in the decisive battle at Halgot Citadel, Dijkstra's only regret was that there wasn't enough of the old man left to rob. This refusal to mourn was the culmination of several decades of increasingly hostile and heretical behavior, and it was little wonder that Dijkstra found himself bound for the Dyrwood shortly after.

Dijkstra joined a caravan heading for the Dyrwood, with the vague notion of taking a sea connection to Old Vailia. However, whilst overnighting near the ruins of Ciliant Lis, the caravan was ambushed by Glenfathan tribesmen. Although they managed to drive the invaders back, the survivors were quickly separated by a strange, magical storm, known as a bîaŵac. Dijkstra sought shelter in Ciliant Lis, where he witnessed a group of strange, robed figures attempting to refresh an Engwithian "soul battery". The resultant explosion nearly killed Dijkstra along with the other worshippers, and by the time Dijkstra he arrived in Gilded Vale it became apparent that he had gotten involved in something far beyond his understanding. With the new-found ability to see, commune with, and manipulate souls, and the pressing issue of his own increasing madness, Dijkstra set out in search of Thaos ix Arkannon, the leader of the Leaden Key and the only other person present at the soul battery in Ciliant Lis.

Following his defeat of Thaos in Sun-Into-Shadow, Dijkstra retired to the Aedyran stronghold of Caed Nua. There, he served as its Lord until the "dead" god Eothas awoke and laid waste to Caed Nua, before striding off in the direction of the Deadfire Archipelago. Though he had been killed by Eothas' initial attack, Dijkstra was offered a second chance by the goddess of death, Berath, who took apparent pleasure in claiming the soul which had betrayed her in Sun-Into-Shadow. As the rest of the pantheon attempts to stop Eothas from reaching the Deadfire, the crww of the Defiant embark on a frantic pursuit of a living god. Meanwhile, a wounded, vengeful Dijkstra prepares for a final reckoning with the god who had shaped life in Readceras.

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