Grith was born in Rauatai, but some of his earliest memories are of the Living Lands; a lawless frontier island in the far north, whose uninhabitable terrain provided a sanctuary for criminals, outcasts, and explorers. Scattered loosely throughout a mile-and-a-half radius, Grith's community was almost entirely made up of godlike individuals fleeing persecution in their native lands. His parents sheltered him from this reality as best they could, although not everybody agreed with their decision to foster his naievete; Grith grew up strong and happy, the kind-hearted darling of every parent and elderly neighbour, but he was essentially ignorant to the realities of life outside of his village. As an adult he spent increasing amounts of time exploring the Living Lands, and it soon became obvious to everyone but his aging mother that his wanderlust would eventually lead him to ruin.

Following his mother's death, Grith finally abandoned their little homestead and announced his intention to explore the world. He joined a caravan traveling to the Dyrwood via Readceras, although it took a lot of convincing - and no small amount of coin - for the group to let a death godlike travel with them. As a skilled hunter-gatherer, Grith was busy foraging supplies when the caravan was attacked by Glanfathan tribesmen. An ensuing bîaŵac forced the survivors to seek shelter in the ruins of Ciliant Lis, where Grith witnessed a strange and ill-fated ritual carried out by Leaden Key agents. It was only when he staggered into Gilded Vale, the sole survivor of an explosion that killed his fellow travelers, that Grith realized he had the ability to see, speak to, and manipulate the souls of the dead. Grith subsequently uncovered a Leaden Key plot to trap souls passing through the Wheel, preventing them from passing on to newborn children. He eventually confronted the Leaden Key's grandmaster, Thaos ix Arkannon, and returned the lost souls to their intended holders. However, in doing so, Grith betrayed the god Galawain, with devastating results for the rest of the Dyrwood.

In the years that followed, Grith attempted to stem the tide of wild beasts flooding into the Dyrwood. As the Lord of Caed Nua, Grith's subjects watched him transform from a gentle, kind-hearted leader, to a remote and tragic figure. Grith's choices had resulted in countless deaths, but the worst was yet to come. When the dead god Eothas rose from beneath the foundations of Caed Nua, he laid waste to the surrounding countryside; killing hundreds, and absorbing part of Grith's soul in the process. Now Grith has been tasked with following Eothas across the Deadfire, and stopping him before he can destroy the Wheel for good.

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