Kai likes to say that he has nothing to his name except his name, "and even that isn't much". Born in the Deadfire capital of Neketaka, he was raised by the patrons of the The Wild Mare, a tavern-cum-brothel with a reputation for lawlessness. Kai learned to hustle as soon as he was able to walk, and was confidently cheating men and women out of their money by his early teens. As an adult, he joined up with one of the many mercenary ships passing through Queen's Breath. Kai sailed with the crew of the Dragon's Breath for several years, operating under the watchful eye of the Principi - an organized council of pirates, smugglers, and mercenaries, who oversaw the majority of "legal salvage" within the Deadfire. Valued by his crew, Kai was nonetheless a face amongst many - in his own words, "a ninguém, a nobody".

All that changed when the god Eothas reportedly rose from the dead in the Dyrwood, and began treading a path of destruction towards the Deadfire Archipelago in the form of a massive, unstoppable adra golem. Kai's crew fell foul of Eothas in the waters around the Kangati Islands, resulting in the destruction of their vessel and loss of all twenty-five crew members. When he awoke in the Beyond, however, Kai learned that Eothas had absorbed only a part of his soul, thereby preventing him from passing into the Wheel. Unfortunately for Kai, his arrival was a classic case of "wrong place, wrong time". As the Watcher of Caed Nua had refused to offer her services, the goddess Berath was in need of a new champion. She offered Kai a choice: hs soul could remain in the Beyond, until such a time as Eothas was either killed or succeeded in destroyed the Wheel. Alternatively, Kai could return to the Deadfire as an envoy of the gods, and put a stop to Eothas' plans himself.

Upon awakening, Kai learned that he had been picked up by the Defiant, an Aedyr vessel crewed by the Watcher's former allies. The Watcher was dead, but her soul was not; with time short at hand, Berath had decided to use this to patch the hole left by Kai's missing essence, heedless of the damage this might cause. Where the Watcher had months to master her abilities, Kai has mere weeks before they catch up with Eothas - or before his brain destroys itself from the inside-out. Thrown into a high-stakes world of gods, magic, and politics, he finds himself being asked to intercede on behalf of the Deadfire's many warring factions, whilst also attempting to prevent Eothas from changing the face of Eora forever.

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