Lagakh gra-Barosh

As the only daughter of chieftain Utash gro-Khazib, Lagakh's betrothal was supposed to secure peace and prosperity for her clan, forging a much-needed alliance between the Agra-Beshkar stronghold and their increasingly warlike neighbours. Instead, she fled the stronghold with the assistance of her older brother, Laranha - saving her from a loveless marriage, but dooming the rest of her family in the process. In doing so, Lagakh became zugra crun; a stateless orc, abandoned by her house and reviled by her kin. Mercenary work proved fruitful, and she was able to eke out a living as a caravan guard in Hammerfell and neighbouring Cyrodiil. However, the outside world was confusing to somebody raised within insular, tradition-driven orsimer society. Even as an adult, Lagakh had few friends.

Her arrival in Skyrim was a mistake, and one which almost cost her her life. Approached by a group of nords in Cyrodiil, Lagakh had been offered tidy compensation in order to escort them across the border into Skyrim. Little did she know, she was shepherding escaped convicts out of Imperial territory - her charges were Stormcloak soldiers, en-route to rejoin the civil war effort. The group were promptly arrested near Darkwater Crossing, and it was only through the dragon Alduin's intervention that Lagakh escaped being put to death at Helgen. Her subsequent reveal as the dovahkiin made her a subject of interest on both sides of the civil war, although by that point it hardly mattered -- wilst sheltering in Falkreath, Lagakh bore witness to a vampire attack which left many townsfolk dead, and drove her to seek out the Dawnguard, an ancient order of monster-hunters. Despite this, Ulfric Stormcloak continues to try and court Lagakh's favor via her brother, Laranha, with varying levels of success.

Having grown up in insular, tradition-driven orsimer society, the outside world has proven difficult for Lagakh get used to -- self-determination is a foreign concept to her, and many of the finer points of human culture pass her by entirely. Though she comes across as cold, perhaps even unfeeling, in reality Lagakh is used to concealing anything about herself that could be construed as a weakness. Fiercely loyal, she has a keen sense of duty, and is quick to protect those less able than herself. Her brother calls her "the last true bleeding heart" -- an assessment that her allies would nonetheless have difficulty believing.

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