Very little is known about Saxhleel's life before he came to Cyrodiil. He was born in Black Marsh, in what was by all accounts a small and fairly forgettable settlement. In his late twenties, he was part of a group of argonians arrested in Morrowind on suspicion of murdering several high-ranking Dunmer officials. Saxhleel was remanded to one of the many prison-labor camps on the ash-choked island of Vvardenfell, where he apparently held a position of some authority amongst his fellow inmates. At some point in his life sentence the mine was subject to an audacious - and, apparently, pre-meditated - prison break, which resulted in the death of several dozen guards. Despite widespread outcry at the time, Saxhleel was never tried or even arrested for his crimes. Instead, he settled in the Imperial province of Cyrodiil, where he took work with a mercenary organization known as the Blackwood Company.

As the Company's brutal enforcer, Saxhleel put his impressive size and unexpected intelligence to good work, cultivating a résumé that included mob-like shakedowns, the intimidation of various high-society figures, and even political assassinations. Whilst the Company comprised one of the largest mercenary groups in Cyrodiil, with Saxhleel's help they were able to punch well above their weight in terms of governmental interference. It was during this time that Saxhleel met the young argonian Teegla, still stinging from his recent rejection by Black Marsh. Saxhleel took the youngster under his wing, apparently intrigued by Teegla's natural talent for stealth and trickery of all kinds. Despite this, Teegla proved a proud and ungrateful student. When he eventually absconded with almost a vault's worth of assets, the Company naturally dispatched Saxhleel to recover their property, along with its impulsive thief.

Saxhleel eventually tracked Teegla to the nord province of Skyrim, where the Imperial Legion's recent expansion has helped bolster the Blackwood Company's influence in the region. However, Saxhleel's attempts to prise Teegla from Skyrim's home-grown criminal underworld has been complicated by the Thieves' Guild of Riften, which is currently refusing to give him up. The Guild's master, Mercer Frey, intends to auction Teegla to the highest bidder under the guise of offering him protection; meanwhile, the Company have neither the assets nor the influence to compete with the Dominion, who have a similar interest in getting their hands on the last dovahkiin. For now, Saxhleel is enjoying the hospitality of Riften's de-facto ruler, Maven Black-Briar, who has offered to negotiate with Frey on the Company's behalf. Despite this, there is a suggestion back in Cyrodiil that Saxhleel is perhaps not the loyal asset the Company had previously believed. As he enjoys an enforced holiday in Skyrim, an infamous guerilla argonian cell, the An-Xileel, has been spotted scouting the borders of the Company's territory.

Saxhleel has always played his cards close to his chest; a necessary cost of doing business with the worst kinds of criminals that Tamriel has to offer Unlike many mercenaries, Saxhleel doesn't operate on a code of ethics: he has no hesitation doling out brutal violence to whichever targets the Company deems worthy of his time. Affable and deadly, he's as capable of charming countesses as he is at killing their bodyguards. Saxhleel is an argonian of few words, which adds to his general air of enigmatic menace. He's diligent, but not necessary loyal; independent without being reckless; and utterly relentless in his pursuit of his prey. Pragmatic and merciless, Saxhleel carries out his orders for the Company with a deceptively docile cruelty, but his association with the An-Xileel suggests some anti-authoritarian leanings.

Name: Saxhleel
Alias: N/A
Age: 42
Race: Argonian
Faction: Blackwood Company
Gender: Cis Male
Sexuality: Gay

Game: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Further Information

  • His name is pronounced sacks-leel.
  • Saxhleel features several pieces of speculative biology: his back is covered in osteoderms, which are used both as armor and as heat-exchangers; he has a tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer behind the retina that helps with navigating in low light. My argonians aren't ectothermic, but they do run colder than most mammalian races. Though they possess a larynx, argonians also have a birdlike syrinx which they use primarily to communicate with other argonians. Saxhleel's syrinx is unusually well-developed, and he is able to mimic other people's voices with uncanny accuracy. As with all my argonians, the first digit on each of Saxhleel's feet is retracted off the ground in order to accommodate a large, sickle-shaped claw, typical of dromaeosaurid (raptor) dinosaurs. The fin on his head is semi-rigid, and can flatten against his skull to aid with movement in the water.
  • Saxhleel isn't actually Saxhleel's name - "Saxhleel" is the native word argonians use to refer to themselves. It's likely his real name has been forgotten, or intentionally obfuscated. It may also be a reference to the fact that most people outside of Black Marsh will refer to an unknown argonian as simply "Argonian".
  • Saxhleel's signature weapon is a modified crossbow, which was stolen from the site of a Dawnguard massacre.
  • He exists in the same universe as my other argonian OC, Teegla.

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