As a child, Vieche thought her parents were the coolest people in the world. It wasn't until adulthood that she finally saw them for who they really were: two people who let their commitment to the Blades overshadow their responsibility as parents, leaving Vieche with her maternal grandmother whilst they served the Empire in Cyrodiil. They died when Vieche was six, killed as part of the Aldmeri Dominion's opening declaration of war. In that time, Vieche could have counted the number of visits on both hands, with fingers to spare.

In the wake of her parents' death, Vieche's grandmother took up responsibility for training her, although her grief made for a hard taskmaster. Concerned with the business of keeping Vieche alive, she was ill-equipped to deal with a lifetime of teenage resentment. Vieche was a difficult child who grew into a difficult adult; the people of Morthal tolerated her so long as she protected them, but her propensity for getting drunk was a constant headache for the rest of the citizenry, who spent their time either fixing the things she'd broken, or soothing the egos she'd bruised. Despite this, Vieche might have continued to spin her wheels indefinitely had the Dominion not begun to spread into Skyrim. When a confrontation with the Thalmor went predictably wrong, she was arrested and brought to Helgen on charges of treason - though secretly, it seemed the Dominion had long suspected her of being a Blades separatist. Narrowly escaping with her life, Vieche was instead revealed to be the last dovahkiin.

Now, Vieche may be the only person standing between Tamriel and total destruction. Providing, of course, she can get her shit together long enough to work out a solution. The Blades were historical protectors of the Dragonborn, and Vieche's newfound abilities have brought her closer to her parents' legacy than she's strictly comfortable with. Faced with those odds, Vieche defaults to what she's good at: getting angry, getting drunk, and then throwing punches. But with the civil war looming, and every faction in Skyrim looking to claim the dovahkiin's powers as their own, Vieche will need to rely on more than just her fists and her fury to survive. Defeating a dragon? That's easy. It's the emotions that are the hard part.

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